"My vision is providing unique, handcrafted, contemplative artworks that speak to quality and the hand of the maker". 

Welcome to Artemple.Global, from the beautiful Byron Bay Hinterland, Australia.

I'm so pleased you've come to explore my artwork. Artemple.Global was established as an independent platform for showcasing unique and beautiful fine art photography and other hand crafted artworks, many of them created through slow and thoughtful processes that carry the individual and unique marks of the maker. Increasingly, in response to a world where mass production is not only damaging our environment, degrading the worth of humans through exploiting low income labour in developing countries and devaluing consumer goods in a throw away world, there is a movement that encourages us to quiet the pace of our visual experience and change the way we approach how we make and see art. Slow art. It is about purposely stepping out of the frantic pace of the internet age and slowing our minds down and creating pleasurable internal states of experience through creative experiences. Slow art encourages the beholder to contemplate the art slowly and take in the sensory experience as a meditative event. It is about creating an internal experience through visual aesthetics and appreciating all aspects of the work. It is also about a return to bespoke art created in the realm of artisan ateliers with a focus on showcasing and celebrating the unique features of handmade artworks as precious points of difference. 

About my creative journey...

My name is Vanessa Harper - Mathews and I am the founder and principle artist of Artemple.Global. I have been passionate about art and creativity as long as I can remember. I have always made art but it was my own learning experience working with antiquarian photographic processes invented in the early discovery years of photography, and long before the digital age, that taught me the true value in slow art, or what I like to call contemplative art. I spent many years 'surviving' in corporate environments in big executive roles, rushing from one goal to the next, never satisfied with what I was achieving and somehow always demanding more of myself no matter what how well I did - it was never enough and the stress and demands on me mentally, emotionally and physically were chronic and debilitating. During this time I also managed to raise a family and complete six university degrees, but I still didn't somehow ever feel 'enough'. At the same time I was still making art and learning to create through slow, labour intensive processes that require solitude and concentration, but also provide the perfect meditative environment for self reflection. Over time, art became my mentor in learning to live a more balanced, satisfying life, the one I deserved. It was only through my own personal journey and artistic development, that I started to really appreciate in myself, and in art, individuality that didn't rush to the finish or strive to be perfect, but rather evolved organically and developed a life and variations of its own, just like each one of us, carrying the beautiful unique marks of the makers. I now honour and celebrate what I once saw as imperfections and flaws in myself, and in my own and others' art, as the hallmarks of uniqueness and authenticity. I have come to respect the possibilities of the materials, the flow of the process and the evolution of the art itself, as it becomes what it's is meant to be, and conciously interfere with that process less and less. The result is an experience grounded in integrating my sensations, knowledge, and emotions.

The source of creativity is also a very important truth in the creative process for me. The natural environment is is my home, my source, my spirituality and my compass. There is such wisdom and power in the creativity of Mother Nature and it is the constant source of my inspiration, as it is for many other artists. I am constantly in awe of the creativity and resilience of nature and the many lessons we can learn. These things are at the heart of Artemple.Global, honouring and respecting the natural environment as the source of the creativity, the life of the art itself, the process and the hand of the maker. I hope you get as much pleasure and joy from the beautiful artworks as we got from making and sourcing them. 

"Creating and viewing art should be a contemplative experience grounded in integrating sensations, knowledge, and emotions"

About my art...

I am an interdisciplinary artist. My work is broadly created by bringing together varied disciplines working together mutually through notions of concept, philosophy, process, tools, and knowledge. My numerous academic learnings and fields of practice are used as sources of influence.My visual imagery work draws on objects and experiences with the desire to stimulate the imagination and internal psychological responses of my audience. This visual investigation of the subject matter seeks to engage the viewer on several levels; to prompt or challenge social collective memory and to evoke the viewers’ internal dialogue of their experience and to contemplate what this means.​

I am an internationally exhibited fine art photographer and process historian/ printer. Alongside creating contemporary digital photographic artwork I specialise in combining 21st century digital imagery with 18th and 19th century antiquarian photographic printing processes, creating hand crafted, unique state artworks. The result is a wonderful intersection between the material nature of these one of a kind, precious and historical articles and the ephemeral nature of the digital image in the internet age. It is through this intersection that I seek to create a pause for the viewer to see the digital world through the paradigm of a more refined, artisan and bespoke framework.

I am a qualified life development coach with a Masters of Science (Coaching Psychology), and run an evidence based practice grounded in positive psychology and mindfulness. I coach others in professional environments to achieve more balanced mind states. I hold creative photographic and mindfulness workshops and retreats that incorporate mindfulness into an arts based framework at my Studio Atelier located in a beautiful 25 acre rainforest property in the Byron Hinterland. 


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